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BEKA Company compete services associated with Road assistance, repatriating, small repairs on the road, change of tires. BEKA Road Assistance is specialized in accomplishing of offering services and for automobiles and twenty-four-hours road assistance and repatriating of all kind of automobiles. Almost 15 years ago BEKA Road Assistance starts with his activities in the sphere of the render of road assistance like one-man tradesman with scanty park from specialized automobiles and personnel.

During the time and acquired attempt and routine, five years ago BEKA starts to serves and big automobiles and to offers road assistance and for them. In present days BEKA is one of the leaders in Bulgaria for road assistance. The company settles with numerous parks from specialized automobiles for road assistance and good trained personnel with very good experience. BEKA Road Assistance accomplishing services in Bulgaria and foreign countries. We are in partnerships with the National Government for Road Assistance to the Union of the Bulgarian Automobilists (UAB). We keep contracts for road assistance with more licensed Services like:

Balkanstar Automotive, Volvo Bulgaria, Euro motor-lorry, Scania Bulgaria and much more other services for all kind automobiles in the country. Also we hold up Insure companies, deferring and forwarding companies with services about road assistance and repatriating.

We use a perfect technics and very good trained personnel to serve without any problems our customers. For us our clients are on first place. And when your possibilities depleted, we are to you!

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