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Beka Road Assistance-Truck-trailer ended up in driven snow

Beka Road Assistance-Truck with trailer ended up in the snow heaps off the road. Heavy duty tractor-trailer moving along the ring road of Sofia, , slipped for uncleared and icy roadway and headed toward the roadside edges. The truck stopped in the snow drifts in the nearest levels, Having passed unhindered through banquets and snow under ditch. After the arrival of Beka roadside assistance and thanks to the best specialized trucks, and last but not least the good professional mechanics from Beka. The truck with trailer that was stuck in snow heaps, and without any damage to it by roadside assistance mechanics help him out of the snow. Despite the severe meteorologicalconditions, icy and cold time employees Beka roadside assistance did a minimum of time and release the shutter ring road.


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