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BEKA road assistance cope with serious accident

On the morning of 02.06.2010g, truck move from Turkey to Germany loaded with 20 tons cylinders for BMW cars, having lost control of the truck entered the ditch. The driver tried to take control on the machine and to go back on the road, but crashed in the middle Containment. The truck turned over and closed all three lanes of the Motorway direction from Plovdiv to Sofia on the 60th kilometer strip and overtaking in the opposite direction. Having turned on the lanes of highway cargo weighing 20 tons are scattered on the traffic lane. Fortunately, no people or other road users injured in the incident, the driver got away with just a few scratches and shock. After arriving BEKA road assistance came for the towing the trailer and it pulled to the release for emergency tape to be able to restore partial movement towards Sofia. Employees of "BEKA" road assistance, make a cleaned, the collected and the transshipped of the good from the lanes of the highway. And after several hours of hard work after having removed the goods from the road and overturned truck with trailer back on its tires and then downloaded into our garage. BEKA Road assistance once again tackles the difficult situation smoothly as you can see the pictures below. Video Info


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